Why Alkaline Water Is Good For Health

Why Alkaline Water Is Good For Health

Why it’s healthy Alkaline water is healthy because of its acid-fighting alkaline pH balance, the nutritious minerals in it, and the fact that it hydrates your body faster and more thoroughly than plain water. These benefits have been linked to weight loss, detoxification, improved pH balance, better bone health and other health benefits that have been reported in over 40 studies.

Advantage: Water According to the World Health Organization, minerals are absorbed 30% faster and easier from water than they are from food! Equi Bio products concentrate those healthy minerals in your water, maximizing their health benefits!

Top 4 health benefits of alkaline water and the research that proves it

1 .Detoxification from 10 Heavy Metals: Drinking alkaline water has been shown to help the body to expel 10 different heavy metals. (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas). Research conducted in Sweden on the long term benefits of alkaline ionized water for detoxification shows that maintaining an alkaline pH balance can protect you from the harmful effects of mercury.

2 .Weight Loss:12 Pounds in 2 Months- Drinking alkaline water has been shown to help you lose weight. A clinical study tracked the weight of four people who began drinking alkaline water. The study followed the new drinkers for two months. The study participants lost 12 pounds from drinking alkaline water, and their bodies released significant amounts of 10 different heavy metals. The doctors who conducted the study proposed that the weight loss and the detoxification worked together: As the weight came off, heavy metals stored in the fat tissue were released (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas)

3 .21% Lower Cholesterol: Alkaline water has been shown to lower harmful V-LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in clinical testing. One study showed a significant benefit. At the beginning of the study, test subjects had an average of 110 mg/dl triglycerides. At the end of the study, their average triglyceride levels had dropped to 87.2! A  21% drop in harmful triglyceride levels. (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas)

4 .Reduced Bone Loss: There are two reasons why alkaline water is good for bone health. Drinking it can raise both blood and urine pH, helping to prevent bodily acidity from eating away at your bones. It also supplies your body with easy-to-absorb calcium and magnesium. In fact, drinking alkaline water can improve your body’s calcium levels - even if you get enough calcium in your diet! (Abraham, Guy, and Jorge Flebas) (Wynn, E, MA Krieg, JM Aeschlimann, and P Burckhardt)

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Why alkaline water by Equi Bio Products is best for health

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